Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Developing and sustaining a reading habit as well as teaching English for rural children is one of the missions EV Education, or EVTrust for short, has pursued for the past four years.

Since EV Academy – a UK-based online school under EVTrust – opened in June, 2020, the school has targeted the ambitious goal of opening a library for children to read books and learn English in every village of Việt Nam.

To reach our goal, the school has conducted a series of activities to boost reading and English language learning habits for students.

EV Academy has set up the EV Study Promotion Fund with the financial support from both parents and students since May, 2021. As planned, the fund will be used to buy books and second-handed computers as well as provide scholarships to underprivileged children in rural Việt Nam.

By mid August, 2021, the donated money reached more than VNĐ35.8 million (1,153 pound).

The school has sent 12 baskets of books for pre-school children in Thụy Tân, Thụy Hải, Thái Nguyên communes in Diêm Điền Township in Thái Thụy District in northern Thái Bình Province.

The school has also set up a group of students with roles with roles as EV ambassadors to inspire a love of reading and learning English language to their peers. They will be trained to produce video clips presenting the good books, the use of English learning apps, and creating groups to self-study English and read books online.

In between May 17, 2021 and June 11, 2021, EV Academy, in co-operation with Abroader – a Vietnam-based educational start-up, organized online English communication courses with the US volunteers for approximately 300 students from different regions of the country.

Classes were set up through the Zoom platform with a maximum of 50 students per class. 

During a 45-minute-long course, three volunteers took turns to guide students English communication skills in three different classes. The classes started at 8 pm and ended at 10 pm from Monday to Thursday.   

The model has gained a lot of support from the public.

As we’re just implemented the project in July, 2021, we need a lot of support and help, especially from volunteers who will be able to make great impacts on our students who are rarely exposed to the diversity and experience of learning in a multicultural environment.

Join us if you have a passion for education and want to be a volunteer for EVTrust’s community projects. Please kindly register the form below. We believe that your contribution will bring many practical benefits to the community and society.

Please register following the link:


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