Updated: Oct 24, 2021

“Education for all” is the philosophy that EV Education, or EVTrust for short, always pursues since it was established in 2014 in the UK. The organization has officially co-operated with Viet Nam-based educational agencies since November 2017 to provide free courses for Vietnamese students. 

In June, 2020, EVTrust established EV Academy – a UK-based online school – to bring more education opportunities for students in Viet Nam. Free Friday English class is the first community project the school has implemented after two months of operation. 

The class commencesat 8pm every Friday using the Zoom platform, hosting more than 150 Vietnamese students from all regions of the country. Two native English teachers alternative in helping Vietnamese students toimprove their English speaking skills with the support of a Vietnamese teaching assistant during a45-min lesson.  

Besides the regular curriculum, students areable to join interactive group activities or be taught to sing English songs and play educationalgames. 

On special occasions such a Christmasand New Year, students areinvited to visit the teachers’ house online or go to the supermarkets with the teachers to have a better understanding about the British lifestyle and culture. 

Students are provided withthe best learning experience and equal opportunities to learn the English language and prepare for their future.  

Vương Thị Nhung, representative of EV Academy said that the school hoped to provide students the equal opportunities to learn Englishand prepare for their future via theFree Friday English Class. 

We hope our students will overcome their fear of speaking a different language and be able to freely express themselves to foreigners without the language barrier,” she said. 

The class has quickly gained attention from disadvantaged children and volunteers. As of September 2021, the project has two classes at two different time schedules – 7pm and 8pm respectively. The two classes are currently being run by a native English teacher and two volunteers with a maximum of 30 students per class.  

After one year studying with theFree Friday English class, many students have completed the basic English level and moved to a higher level English class. Three students of the class; Minh Chau, Duy Khanh and Kieu Anh have won the EV Speaking Contest in July, 2021 and been given one-month studyat the school’s English Conversation PENPAL free of charge.      

By September 2021, the school has received roughly 4,000 registration forms from Vietnamese students to join theFree Friday English Class, but due to a limited number of both British and Vietnamese volunteers, the class has not yet been expanded.  

If you have passion for education and want to support our students, please kindly register the form below to join EVTrust’ volunteering team. We believe that your contribution will bring many practical benefits to the community and society. 

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