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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

On July 28, 2018, EV Trust held a meeting with parents and students who have won an EV Trust scholarship to study in the UK.

The meeting was a chance for parents and students to share their concerns about the opportunity to study abroad in the UK as well as students’ future aspirations after graduating.

Mr Dominic Newbould*, representative of EV Trust, and Hoàng Minh Đức, a Vietnamese student who is studying at Akeley Wood School in the UK, thanks to EV Trust’s scholarship, would co-hosted a Q&A session.

CAPTION: Hoàng Minh Đức is one of the Vietnamese students to win EV Trust’s scholarship to study at Akeley Wood School in the UK.

At the meeting, Vietnamese students raised their questions about how to adapt and integrate into the learning and living environment in the UK. Mr Dominic and Đức enthusiastically shared their knowledge and practical experience on provided tips to help students adapt well in to the new country, such as how to overcome culture shock in a foreign country, what to bring in your suitcase or how to stay warm in the cold changeable weather conditions, typical in the UK.

Mr Dominic said EV Trust would be ready to listen and help Vietnamese students to solve any difficulties they might face during their study in the UK.

“We will continue to stand side by side with you to overcome challenges on your academic path as your success is the greatest motivation and reward for our constant efforts,” he said.

Trần Thị Hà, parent of Lê Trọng Văn – a student who won a full scholarship to study at Akeley Wood School said she had no idea about the learning environment as well as the culture in the UK until she joined the meeting.

These were completely new things to me, and the meeting has given me an overview of EV Trust and the journey my son would take in the future. Listening to Đức’s story and talking with him about his life in the UK has brought me confidence and trust to send my son to the UK via the organisation.”

An EV Trust representative emphasized the organisation would give support to Vietnamese students to fulfil their academic goals.

*Dominic Newbould is Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, volunteer co-ordinator of EV Trust Vietnam. He is now working as a strategic advisor in the field of international education co-operation and has collaborated with prestigious educational organizations such as the British Council, the European Commission, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

CAPTION: Mr Dominic Newbould, EV Trust’s representative, talks with Vietnamese students with excellent academic achievements at the meeting. Photos courtesy of EV Trust

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