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On March 21, 2018, senior representative of EV Trust, Mr Dominic Newbould*, had a talk with students from the High School for the Gifted under Hà Nội University of Education. He, together with representatives of Summit Study Abroad awarded scholarships for ten students to study at top-ranking universities in the world.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Dominic Newbould, who is the strategic advisor on higher education development and EV Trust Ambassador, shared his story and experience to encourage and motivate students to strive and go further on their learning path.

“You are all talented and have bright futures. Challenges in life will stimulate your talents to develop yourself, help you open up new opportunities and master your future,” he said.

“Don't give up on your dreams. Learn to believe in yourself and success will come to you. Don't sit around waiting for the opportunity to come. You must create opportunities for yourself,” he said.

He also said he gained a general view of the learning ability and orientation of Vietnamese students, which helped him have more ideas on EV Trust scholarships to Vietnamese students.

Among the ten students being awarded EV Trust scholarships, there were two students earning full scholarships to study at Cornell University and Vanderbilt University in the USA.

Professor Nguyen Lan Dung, Do Thanh Ha, deputy manager of Summit Study Abroad and the boards of High School for the Gifted joined the event.

*Dominic Newbould is Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, volunteer co-ordinator of EV Trust Vietnam. He is now working as a strategic advisor in the field of international education co-operation. He has been collaborated with prestigious educational organizations such as the British Council, the European Commission, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Here are some pictures at the event:


Vietnamese students with excellent academic performance are awarded EV scholarships at the event. Photos courtesy of EV Trust

Mr Dominic Newbould, who is the strategic advisor on higher education development and EV Trust Ambassador gives a speech at the event.

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