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EV Trust is a unique partnership between England and Vietnam which focuses on developing the necessary English Language skills to access the British National Curriculum in the core areas of English Literature, Mathematics and Science.


Our new initiative – EV Academy

EV Trust has now extended the scope of its mission by setting up an online school, to support our students all over the world.


EV Academy is a UK-based online school which has the UK's National Curriculum at the heart of its syllabus and teaching standard. EV Academy is a project that is led by EV Trust – a registered organisation that proudly represents over 40 of the UK’s independent schools. For many years, EV Trust has been awarding scholarships to students across different countries.

EV Academy represents one of the few schools who are seizing the opportunities and developments within online education and taking it to new areas of the world. We bring the best aspects of the British education system to the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Our aim is to ensure that the experience you receive at EV Academy is equal to the very best experience you might have in an actual British classroom.

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We understand that achieving these goals is a long process and needs a big investment. That is why EV Trust is constantly promoting cooperation with strategists, researching appropriate teaching methods and updating the latest UK training programs to Vietnamese English teachers. With a 10-year vision, EV Trust will:

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In the spirit of "Improving, supporting the best possible learning and teaching from what Vietnam has available", EVTrust has a mission to bring the international standard training model being applied in the UK to our International students. This foundation not only provides students with necessary knowledge and life skills, it also trains them to become independent, active leaders in the future.


EVTrust has been devoting a lot of time to high-quality English courses and study programs that simulate UK training programmes for students from 5 years old. As an organisation we always carry out two tasks in parallel: firstly we build high-quality courses for students and secondly we support them to improve the teaching quality of Vietnamese teachers and strengthen the internal force of Vietnamese education. With the participation and support from teachers, lecturers and experts from prestigious educational institutions in the UK and Vietnam, EVTrust believes that younger generations of Vietnamese students will have vital learning experiences. 


EV has offices and staff in England and Vietnam and collaborates with schools, as well as further and higher education establishments in both countries,

For our Vietnamese partners and students coming to England we provide:

  • Language support and enhancement, plus interpreter if required

  • The setting up and organising of educational exchanges

  • Organised summer schools in England

  • Support with finding suitable study and scholarships

  • Full visa support and necessary guarantees and insurances

  • All ticketing and travel support

  • 24/7 native language support

  • Guardianship where required

  • Approved accommodation

  • Cultural programmes and visits




As a ‘not for profit’ organisation, we provide volunteering opportunities in Vietnam to work with our partner colleges and universities.

Our volunteers support Vietnamese teachers in the classroom (online and offline), especially in conversation and pronunciation.

As well as providing work visas, flights, accommodation and 24/7 support, certificate, we provide all necessary training and teaching support.

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